Alfa Spor Giyim 5746/3 Sokak No:21 MTK Sitesi Çamdibi Bornova, İzmir Türkiye +‎90 (232) 431 10 04
Alfa Symbol - Logo of the Brand At the heart of the Mediterranean
in one of the largest trade hubs of the world, Izmir, Turkey
Alfa Sportswear is a manufacturer of small-batch
to large scale apparel, garments, and clothing
for independent designers and established global brands.
Phone Screen Founded in 1993, we manufacture high-quality products
with excellent service and continuous information flow
that minimizes failure, ensures quality,
offering a streamlined and efficient approach
to complex and challenging projects.
Textile Cutting Pattern We provide consultation services
along your journey to bring your concepts to reality.

We do in-house pattern drafting and sample making.

We believe a good sampling process is
an essential step in mass manufacturing.
Samples We produce samples of your designs.

We get your assessments of the sample.

With your consultation on everything from
the fit of the garments to the way fabrics drape,
we deliver garments made to your exact specifications.

All custom everything.

The sampling process may sometimes require
multiple attempts and units that we are always
happy to provide.
Tree, House, Heart We use environmentally sustainable production practices
and pay our workers fairly for their skilled labor.

We source all fabric, raw materials, semi-finished and
finished merchandise from the local producers in the
region and manufacture products that do not harm
nature and human health with ecological methods.
Folded cloth, pad with a checklist We extensively test and wash our raw materials to
ensure shrinking and twisting do not occur in your product.
Cargo Boxes, Tags, Labels We quality control, label, and package your garments
in your custom packaging and ship to you.
We offer a wide range of services from fabric sourcing, pattern making, screen printing
to size grading and packaging to help you reach your goals, and create a story of craftsmanship.

Screen Printing

Water-Based & Discharge


Specialty Inks
Blank and Cut & Sew Sublimation


Direct Embroidery
3D Puff Embroidery
Tackle Twill & Applique
Embroidered Patches

Pattern & Grading

Sampling & Production
Size and Fit Samples
Salesperson Samples
Fabric Sourcing

Apparel & Garment Development

Cut & Sew Manufacturing
Buttons, Zippers, and Accessories
Print Labels

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